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hollys clan.JPG (69264 bytes) Several years before Holly died we all got together to take a family photo.

Here are a few of Holly's offspring.

Pointgold Unpredictable CDX TDX AD ET NRD
(Lacey) at 12 weeks old.

She loved to sleep on this step - and it is obvious that if you want your dog to get lots of titles then your dog needs to get as much blood to the head as possible.

Just ask Lacey..

laceysleeping.jpg (22819 bytes)
lacey holly tris fern jess.jpg (100559 bytes) L to R:

Pointgold Unpredictable CDX TDX AD ET NRD (Lacey)
Dual Ch (R) Allanora Xmas Holly CD (Holly)
Pointgold Mixed Reaction UD (Tristan)
Ch Pointgold Unforgetable QC(Fern)
Pointgold Kwik Reaction (Jess)

"There's nothing like making a splash when you jump into the water. Bombs away!!!!"

Pointgold Brazn Brody

brody makes a splash.JPG (96354 bytes)

brody makes a splash2.JPG (22844 bytes)

"Lucky I don't mind putting my head underwater."

  Pointgold Brazn Brody

Even at 11 years old Lacey still loved to go for a swim and retrieve a dummy.

Pointgold Unpredictable CDX TDX AD NRD ET


laceylovesswimming.JPG (158865 bytes)

Beer2.jpg (19162 bytes)




Hi my name is Beer and I live in Singapore with Kyler and Katherine. My real name is Pointgold Marlon Brando.






Pointgold Abit o Trouble (Raz)

S: Ch Annador Just It And Abit

D: Pointgold Miss Cheevious

Raz is just starting to hunt and retrieve.
Everything is a learning curve and at times he has been round in circles.

misc 175.jpg (253950 bytes)

rug_rat.JPG (31409 bytes)

Will someone please tell this GSP that I'm not a rug to sleep on I'm a Golden to be loved by.
You've heard about putting a tiger in your tank - how about putting 2 tigers in your bed.

Pointgold Cut And Dried (Harrison) - owned and loved by Joanna Cousins.

HARRISON1.JPG (39603 bytes)

winki on bailey.jpg (30907 bytes) Pointgold Alcmene relaxes in the sun atop Pointgold Baileys Song. After all why should she get a cold backside when there is a warm Golden to sit on.
Pointgold Cut And Dried (Harrison) takes a well earned nap after a long walk in the park.  His toys are there to keep him company. harrison_is_exhausted_after_a_big_walk.JPG (29924 bytes)

charlie in the bath (3612 bytes)

An exert from an email we received from one of our puppy buyers

(PS. Charlie is a real dag - and is loved be everyone who meets him)

This is a photo we took of Charlie on Sunday. We were at our friends house. They use their son's old baby bath as a water bowl - but Charlie thought it was more appropriate as a bath.